Morocco and Trinidad & Tobago

Our skincare line is powered by Moroccan Cactus, but full product formulations are inspired by cities in both Morocco and Trinidad and Tobago

FEZ ( 24k Gold Drip Facial Oil) is inspired by the enchanting city of Fez.

Fez invigorates all the senses: a combination of haunting and beautiful sites and sounds, sensory details, unfiltered smells and golden sunsets. The city is bustling with over 1.2 million people, French architecture is infused with ancient clay walled villages.

The city is littered with the most beautiful ornate mosques, riads and contemporary fondouks, one-lane back alleys crammed with spices, leather goods- and overladen donkeys. Hike through the  labyrinth of souks, and get lost in the sights of Fez el Bali (Old Fez). 


BERKANE (Vitamin Repair Face Serum) is inspired by the citrus capital of Eastern Morocco.

The city of Berkane is located in north-eastern Morocco, in the Rif region just north of the Beni-Snassen mountains, with its population over 205,000.

Berkane's clementines and oranges are known and appreciated around the world.

Visit this mountain city and smell the rich aroma of orange blossoms, feel the Mediterranean crisp air through your hair. 


DAKHLA (Sea and Sahara Body Butter Scrub) and our upcoming Hammam Line of Body Care products are inspired by the most unique city we have ever been to in Morocco.

This city will  one day become the Dubai of Morocco. Its a hidden gem tucked in between the deep blue Atlantic waters and the vast ever changing Sahara Desert.

The city has a luminous beauty , bordered by vast beaches that are known around the world for epic kitesurfing. The fine sand and the caress of warm sun, evokes paradise all year long. 
This southern city will  soon be at the top of everyone's vacation bucket list. 

CASABLANCA (Vitamin Repair Body Lotion) - is inspired by the romantic and bustling Atlantic City of Casablanca, Morocco.

The economic capital of Morocco is bordered by rocky, spell bounding beaches making it a destination hub for beach lovers.  Just south of the capital city of Rabat, it boasts a population of over 4million people. 

This city will leave you yearning for more- its deep, and romantic -evoking a sense of belonging and lust.  Casablanca has one of the largest and most prolific mosques on the planet, the Hassan II Mosque, a true symbol of the city's grandeur and boasts  the largest minaret in Africa. 

Come to Casablanca once and this will become your second home. 

MARACAS (Vitamin Repair and Shine Hair Oil) is inspired by the ultra lush, sensory laden tropical beach in Trinidad and Tobago.

Maracas Bay features off white sands, and towering lanky palm trees and warm blue-green waters – attracts thousands of beach lovers to this crescent coast line which stretches for over 1.3 miles.  

This pilgrimage departing from the capital city of Port of Spain snakes its way through dense forest and mind-bending cliffs- leading to the ultimate paradise. Maracas Bay has garnered the reputation for being the spot not only with an idyllic view of dense tropical forest and clear bay waters, but is home to the famous sandwich known as bake and shark. 

ENGLISHMAN'S BAY (Vitamin Enriched Beard Oil) Is inspired by this hidden turquoise gem in Tobago.

This bay of green-blue waters are surrounded by a wall of tropical lush rainforest and coconut palms. The Englishman's Bay meets the Rockly River directly behind the beach. 

The beach slopes steeply down to the bay , making it an ideal place to feel at the edge of the earth- senses overloaded with the warmest sea breeze gently washing over the body. 

MARRAKESH (Sunkissed Shimmer Body Oil) was inspired by this charming city- in all its vibrant glory and street vibes!

Marrakesh, also known as the red city, is the fourth largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco with a population of approximately 1 million and it remains the tourist capital of the country. Get lost in its magnificent beauty and palm tree oases.

This is more than a city, Marrakesh is like a warm golden hug, that glows with its history and welcoming open arms to any traveler that wishes to see marveled. 

This unique oasis is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains and divided into the new (or modern) city, where there are many hotels, boutique shops, and cafés with outside seating, and the old medina with caravaners loading their camels with food, hand-made craft and home made treats. 

This city leaves nothing unturned- its colors, vibe, perfumes, and happy faces leaves you with a sense of exhilaration and acceptance.

SAHARA ( Glow Baby Glow Body Oil) was inspired by the harsh yet beautiful sand and skies of the Moroccan Sahara.

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world, and the third largest overall after the Antarctica and the Arctic. The majority of the Sahara is made up of  rocky plateaus, as well as salt flats, sand dunes, mountains and dry valleys.

The name ‘Sahara’, is derived from Arabic, and translated literally means ‘the greatest desert’. Fall in love with the simple nomadic life of the Sahara- where women drench their skin with rich vitamin enriched oils from the Cactus, palm nut and Argan.