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Long and Short Hair Don’t Care

This lighter than air, multitasking vitamin infused hair oil soothes dry scalp, fights frizz, prevents heat/UV damage, and delivers a high-gloss, super-smooth finish to all hair types. This formula was specifically designed to handle the toughest of dry hair, replenish and moisturize hair strands. Infused with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn. Sea Buckthorn – this superpower antioxidant oil helps with scalp circulation, supporting hair growth and conditioning.

Great for: All hair types, Straight, Wavy, Curly and for all hair textures

 Benefits: soothes dry scalp, delivers Sleek, Frizz-Free Hair 
- Color-Safe 
- Protects Hair 

This hair oil is packed with Argan oil, Black Castor oil and our star ingredient Cactus oil to address split ends and help heal heat damaged hair.

 How to use

Use 3-4 drops of oil anytime of the day to hydrate dry hair for normal hair, use more if your hair is really damaged. 

For Extra Moisture: After shampooing hair,  warm up 5-8 drops in palm and drench hair ( cover with hair wrap and leave for 15 mins) rinse hair and condition as normal. Before styling hair place 1-2 drops in dry hair and enjoy super duper shine and lightweight texture. 


Cactus Oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Black castor oil, Apricot Seed oil, Black seed oil, Tamanu oil, Sea buckthorn, Vitamin E and Dimethicone, Citrus, Champagne and Peach natural fragrance