Our Love Story With Cactus















Ella Faulkner , native of Trinidad and Tobago and Mahmoud Tanji Cherkaoui, a native of Morocco fell in love with Cactus when they fell in love with each other in Morocco. The couple met in late 2018, and their relationship unfolded into a long distance romance - filled with adventure, food and culture. During a trip in December 2018, the couple met a local business owner who pulled them into his tiny 12X12 shop and dazzled them with shelves of oils, herbal extracts and local women grinding argan nuts into liquid gold. The store owner offered the couple Moroccan tea and the opportunity to browse the shelves of products known and unknown.
Ella dizzy with excitement grabbed a tiny iridescent bottle of the shelf and asked what's this...the man immediately smiled and said - that is the secret to younger looking skin. Without hesitation Ella bought 2 bottles.
After a week, 2 weeks, 1 month, Ella started seeing her own skin looking more hydrated, younger and felt softer. After a year and many bottles of cactus oil later the couple decided after seeing the amazing benefits from their own use-to start the Tanji Skincare Brand.
The couple spent the next few years  researching, formulating and perfecting cactus oil into a luxurious and potent skincare and haircare brand. All the products are formulated and powered by Moroccan Cactus and blended with many herbal extracts and anti-aging oils and ingredients.
"We fell in love with cactus, the same time we fell in love each other"