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Tanji Skincare


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For younger, radiant skin all year long

A golden light weight, fast absorbing, non-greasy face oil infused with real 24K gold that deeply nourishes, rejuvenates dull, dehydrated, and aging skin.  

A blend of potent antioxidant oils

This formula is packed with only the purest, cold-pressed anti-aging oils. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to supplement nutrients the skin needs. This facial oil moisturizes and keep skin hydrated all day long and protect the skin from free radical damage. 

Your skin’s texture will feel smoother, silker and will radiate with a natural clean glow.

For all skin types. 


Product Information

This vitamin-rich, silky soft, fast absorbing 24k infused facial oil deeply penetrates, hydrates and nourishes dry, aging skin and instantly radiates a natural clean glow.

This oil is formulated with Prickly Pear and Cactus oil, which intensely hydrates,  moisturizes and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Its packed with potassium and vitamins to help relax the skin ( its claimed to be a natural Botox for the skin). This oil is fast absorbing and will not leave the skin greasy.

This formula is Vitamin E-enriched, infused with Jojoba, Squalene, and grapeseed oil to rejuvenate and unlock healing properties for irritated skin. This formula protects the skin against free radicals.

24K gold brightens and makes skin look luminous and rejuvenated. Additionally, gold has been found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help soothe and calm irritated skin and reduce redness.

How to use

Anytime your skin needs a little extra love-Use daily, morning and night. Apply 1-2 drops to dry, cleansed skin after BERKANE (serum) , or mix with your favorite moisturizer. Gently massage onto the face and neck, in an upward motion.  

External use only, avoid contact with eyes.

Keep in cool dry place, out of sun!


Cactus Oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Squalene, Grapeseed oil and Japanese Cherry blossom and citrus blast fragrance oil.